The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers KORAB

Member of CEMT (Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies)


TOP KORAB is a science and engineering society associating Polish naval architects and marine engineers. TOP KORAB is a member of Polish Chamber of Science and Technology associating all proffesional engineering organizations in Poland. TOP KORAB is also a member of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT).


The scope of activities and interests of the Society includes:

  • supporting the newest research and scienific achievements,
  • supporting the structural changes in shipyards, marine equipment manufacturing companies and other marine industry companies and institutions,
  • supporting the activity and development of both educational and research institutions,
  • collaboration with other national and international shipbuilding and marine related organizations.


The Society is an independent member of the Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers. TOP KORAB has its own regulations. Any person interested in joining the Society should submit the application form supported by two common members of the Society.


address: ul. Rajska 6, 80-850 Gdańsk, Poland
phone: +48 58 627 17 60
facsimile: +48 58 661 35 59
e-mail: topkorab@gmail.com