16 August 2010
Meeting October 28, 2010

SOLAR – solar powered boats. Presented by Mr Wojciech Litwin; lecturer at Gdansk University of Technology

27 November 2005
Meeting December 15, 2005

“Hydrobudowa S.A – today and the future” by MSc Eng. Janusz Wiszniewski; followed by Christmas dinner.

28 October 2005
Meeting November 24, 2005

Public presentation of best theses by students of the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdansk University of Technology, followed by handing over the RINA-KORAB Student Award 2005.

6 October 2005
Meeting October 20, 2005

Fastest computers in the world: speeds, manufacturers, applications, architecture and technology trends; by Professor Janusz Kowalik

10 September 2005
Meeting September 22, 2005

Fuel supply blocks – design and manufacturing in Poland; by Mr Krzysztof Gockowski, MSc Engineer

4 June 2005
Meeting June 18, 2005

One-day excursion to Kościerzyna.

5 May 2005
Meeting May 19, 2005

TOP KORAB Election

7 April 2005
Meeting April 21, 2005

Launching of a book by professor Jerzy Wojciech Doerffer about his work at the Gdansk University of Technology.

3 March 2005
Meeting March 17, 2005

Equipment produced in Poland for newly build offshore oil riggs; presented by Mr Witold Żylicz

11 February 2005
Meeting February 17, 2005

Polish production shipyards – challenges and threats – during the period of boom in world shipbuilding business; presented by Mr Jerzy Lewandowski, President of the Gdynia Shipyard

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